Down to the ground: Long Skirts

Moschino – Fall 2011 RTW

Janson Wu – Fall 2011 RTW | Roksanda Illincic – Fall 2011 RTW

Long skirts, as seen on the streets this year, have been very popular. Generally it wasn’t about any type of long skirt…neither the floral nor the colorful one, but the plain black skirt. The best match to such an item was the (also) black leather jacket worn with a light-colored shirt underneath in order to emphasize the waist line. The beauty of such a skirt, apart from being feminine, is that not only does it make you look taller due to its length but also thinner due to its color.

Another match (a very curious one I’d say) is the pullover. It is interesting how, even tough you are all covered up, there’s still a lot of femininity in such an outfit without making you look drab, but mysterious.

Of course, a long black skirt means a lot of darkness into your outfit, respectively look, thus, for the girls who are into a lighter style, the skirt would come in a different color such as beige, cream, pale pink etc.

catwalk photos:, street style: (Stockholm Street Style)/


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