Emma Watson in Bottega Veneta gown @ “Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2” NY Premiere

pictures via: celebrtity-gossip.net

One comment

  1. Fantastic dress. She looks spectacular. Love her short hairstyle.

    There was a similar photo of Emma (in the dress at the premiere) in USA Today on Tuesday. The caption quoted Emma: “I made an effort! I thought is was suitably dramatic.”

    Right you are, Missy! And that’s the difference between Emma and Carey Mulligan and that awful Prada dress she wore to a premiere. One tried. The other didn’t.

    I also read somewhere that Emma has decided to let her hair grow out because the short hair limits her to be selected for film roles. So she will accommodate “the industry” to keep working.

    Ms. Mulligan, on the otherhand, will be searching for film roles as a hotel maid. (No offense to hotel maids.)

    BTW, guess who Emma’s escort was for this premiere? Derek Blasberg. Who’s he? An editor at “Harper’s Bazaar” and fashion it-boy.

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