Style: Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens has gone through a lot of changes in 2011, changes that have somehow reflected their concequences in her style choices as well, thus we’ll end this year by having a closer look at her clothing items for the Style category. Firstly the actress got her long beautiful hair cut for a movie project, to eventually turn it into a super short crop. Secondly she was very inspired by the hippie movement and style, which she eventually adopted. Therefore there are a lot of bohemian elements (fringes, lace, knits, suede etc.) in her 2011 street style. Let’s take a look!

…her Joie suede boots

…her leopard printed Gucci (left) and Illesteva Leonard (right) sunglasses

…her brown suede and leather jackets(last two) MadewellWink Jackets 

…her maxi skirts and dresses(left to right) Lucca Couture dress, Indah skirt, Blu Moon skirt, Jen’s Pirate dress

…her lace With Hearts in My Eyes pants

…her fringe bags(left to right) Ember Skye, Kettle Black, Antik Batik, Ember Skye

…the knot(left to right) Rebecca Taylor long sleeve dress,  Hurley pink dress, Gypsy 05 maxi dress

…her chic dresses.(left) Jen’s Pirate Booty lace dress, (last) Ella Moss

…her chic rock style (which I prefer)(left to right)  (1st) Christian Louboutin shoes – One Teaspoon shorts,  (2nd) Acne jacket – Dolce & Gabbana boots – Fendi purse, (4th) Area Forte Women’s 4014 Boots – One Teaspoon shorts

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