Street Style: Green Prints in Spring

“You Inspire” Magazine (Photography by Zoltan Tombor, styled by Caroline Baker)

 When it comes to nature, its palette of inspirational elements is so wide in fashion that I don’t even know what to start with: big flowers, small flowers, leaves, palm tree leaves, birds, butterflies etc. Yet, today, I want to focus on green and green prints respectively, because it’s spring and spring means revitalisation, something that this colour is associated with. There is no secret for anyone that prints have been thriving and thriving, more and more, to where there is no boundary anymore in styling the printed items and combining them with what else than… other prints. The more the better seems to be the perfect  guideline these days. And the designers have confirmed it with their Spring/Summer 2012 Collections.

What to know about green: Colors have their individual characteristics — affecting our moods and emotions. Even though, sometimes we do understand the effect of colors on us, we are yet to consciously learn to use colors to our advantage.

The color green has a very calming and relaxing effect. It is associated with healing, and is popularly used in hospitals, clinics, and green rooms. In many cultures, green color denotes growth, learning, healing, abundance, fertility, and prosperity. It is believed to augur great success in any new venture. In ancient Greece, green color symbolized victory. In the highlands of Scotland, people wore green as a mark of honor. (source)

Street Style: Hanne Gaby & Elisa Nalin @ 2012 Fall/Winter Fashion Week

pictures via: (1st) dustjacket attic/ (runway photos) (street style)

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