Blog Choice: Interview with Wonder Fashion

Now that the Cannes Film Festival is almost over and we can breathe easily, it’s time to update other categories that unfortunately have been neglected due to the many red carpet appearances that had to be covered. And I’m starting with a very nice interview with the lovely Oliviana, the owner of the fashion blog “Wonder Fashion”, who was eager to answer my questions. With her vibrant red hair and vividly colored outfits, I have to say, it is really easy to take to her & her feminine playful style.

1. First of all, how did you start this blog and where did the name “Wonder Fashion” come from?

Ever since I was in high school, I used to take pictures of my outfits before going to school and save them in a folder so that I could analyze them later and change them. As I discovered the concept of “fashion blogger”, it started to grow on me more and more. I wanted to share my outfits with other bloggers so that I could receive and also give advice to the others. I am inspired by other bloggers’ style and I try to adopt it based on my own personality. I came up with this name for my blog because ever since I was little I’ve been fascinated by “Alice in Wonderland” and, as I am interested in any little extravagance and beautiful objects that I like to call “wonders”, I came up with the name “Wonder Fashion”.

2. How would you describe your style?

It’s already normal to say “my style is eclectic or undefined”, but that’s pretty much my case as well. I like to experiment all sorts of silhouettes, or influences, either modern or vintage, as well as masculine. But in general, I’d describe it as romantic. I like lace, velvet, precious fabrics, skirts, maxi dresses, floral prints…so, my style is pretty feminine.

3. What is this season’s trend that fits your style the best?

I don’t really follow the trends, but since this spring is all about pastels, I have tried them too. I stay true to the electric & vibrant colours though. I have also noticed that the ’20 silhouette is very popular, being mostly promoted by the big brands. This is something that I really like.

4. What are the trends you wouldn’t embrace?

I would never wear animal print. It’s been used for some seasons already and I’m sure it will still be, but it’s not for me…neither the minimalist trends – I found them boring.

5. Right now the Cannes Film Festival is taking place and everybody is interested in the dresses. Is there any celebrity you enjoy watching on the red carpet? If you could choose an outfit for such an event what would it look like, what designer would you think of?

Hm…yes, I’m currently following the red carpet appearances as well and I’m trying to pick a favourite but it’s difficult. It’s an invasion of fabulous dresses and it’s hard to choose, and generally, I don’t have a favourite public figure, but lately Jessica Chastain has been wearing wonderful dresses. Penelope Cruz is very feminine and her red carpet appearances are dramatic, so to say, opting for big dresses, trails, feathers or layers over layers of chiffon. If I were to go to such an event, I’d love to attend the Academy Award Ceremony, although I don’t have anything to do with the movie industry. The red carpet vibe is incomparable. As for the dress, I would probably choose between Dior and Elie Saab – pretty tough decision though…

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