Blog Choice: Interview with Color Stalker

This time, for the “Blog Choice” category, I chose Dana Paun’s stree-style blog, “Color Stalker“. From the streets of Bucharest to the capital of fashion itself, Paris, Dana captures the variety of styles and outfits for all the street-style lovers. Here’s my 5 Q&A interview with her:

1. Tell me in a couple of words the story of your blog and where the passion for photography came from.

Let’s start chronologically! The passion for photography kept coming and going away, until one day when I realized that it shouldn’t go away anymore, that it was what I had been looking for and that we could develop our “relationship”. And that’s what keeps happening even now, development every day.

I have been following the street-style blogs for a long time, some of them I have seem growing, others thriving and developing and, subconsciously, I wanted to do that as well: take pictures of people who look good. I say “subconsciously” , because I have never said it out loud, although, in august 2011, during a festival, I started stopping cool people on the street and asking for their permission to take pictures of their outfits. I had no idea what I was going to do with the photos, but, two weeks later I came up with this blog. And I get the same feeling having this blog as taking pictures: I learn something new every day and I believe that the development has just began. Soon we’re moving to “.com” and developing the concept. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

2. The street-style pictures, and the blogs respectively, are an important influence in fashion nowadays. To all the fashion lovers, what is that special thing that you need to have in order to catch the attention of a street-style photographer and end up on a blog like yours for example? What catches your attention?

It depends from a one photographer to another. There are some that are only interested in the quality of the picture without paying too much attention to the outfit or its originality, there are others who only take pictures of people who wore brands etc…I am attracted by colors, hence the name “Color Stalker”, and the personality of the one that I photograph. I’m interested in the people who know how to wear their clothes and are conscious that they look good. And last, but not least, I’m also attracted by originality, everything that doesn’t look like a “uniform”.

3. Is it enough to follow the trends in order to be cool?

Never. On the contrary, the coolest people are the ones who don’t follow the trends strictly, but juggle with them, their personal style and their attitude.

Dana’s street-style pictures from Paris & Milan in Elle Romania

4. You attend fashion shows such as the ones from Paris and Milan. Beside the pleasure of taking pictures, what are some other things that you enjoy at these events?

Ohh, there are so many! First of all, the positive energy that you get from these events, hundreds of people are super-well dressed (and not only for the catwalks & shows, but because that’s how they are), the naturalness of the people we call “fashion gurus”, the feeling that everyone is friends with everyone, the fact that you see clothing items from the catwalk nonchalantly worn on the street the next day, the joy everybody has when it comes to being photographed, and many others….

5. There are always surprising trends. Is there any you can’t stand?

I can’t say that there’s something I don’t get about trends. From each trend, you can choose something you like and fits you, or not. You can totally hate them, but that doesn’t make them impossible to understand. If there’s something I can’t understand tough, are those people who obsessively wore the latest trends, clothes that don’t represent them and especially, that don’t even look good on them.

all pictures belong to Color Stalker


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