Blog Choice: Interview with Classiq

Classiq is one of  my favorite blogs and I visit it regularly due to its lovely posts about fashion, film & photography, basically, anything art-related. This is why I am very happy that Ada, the girl behind this beautiful blog, was so nice to answer my questions. I wholeheartedly recommend you her blog if you haven’t discovered it yet! Enjoy the interview!

1.Behind the name and the mascot of your blog it’s an entire philosophy, how did it all started? Was it an idea that came on the spur of the moment to create this blog, or quite an old desire?

Yes, you could say it is an entire philosophy behind the name of the blog. Classiq is a play of words based on the word classic, and the black cat and slogan were inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s film, ‘To Catch A Thief’.  “Catch a style” aims to inspire you to find your own personal style. The idea of the blog came naturally at some point, a few months before I started it, as I wanted to find a way to gather and share my ideas and endless exploration of my two passions, fashion and classic films. It has evolved into something much more than that, it’s helped me define and develop my taste and style, express my thoughts and the gate to some beautiful friendships.

2. I really like the category for films. Rarely do you write about very recent movies. Is it also because of the much more superficial way the fashion is now presented in movies or just a passion for the classic style?

I am glad you asked me this question. I am fascinated by fashion in film, not only because it seems to blend so well these two passions of mine, but because I am fascinated by the entire process of costume design. It is such an elaborated process that requires vision, skill and talent. Between the 1920s-1960s costume design played an important role in films. The costume helped build up a character and the making of a costume began with reading the script, when the designer began visualizing the time period, setting, scenes and characters. Some designers would start with a fabric, draping it over a dress form, a live model, or even a couch, seeing how it contoured and reflected light, others would start with a sketch. A lot of research was involved and the designers had to be aware of the synergy of costume, character and individual star in a movie. An entire team of cutters, fitters, seamstresses, embroiderers and tailors were involved too. It was a complex process. Clothes helped tell a story in a movie, just as it happens in real life. The end of the 60s marked the beginning of the reign of the stylists in film wardrobes, choosing rather than designing the clothes. Fashion in film has lost a lot of its meaning. So yes, this is why I put so much accent on fashion in classic films. I do love classic style, but it is not limited to fashion decades, it has to do with a simple, harmonious, elegant line, with never going out of fashion, with the enduring quality of a design.

3. In terms of fashion, what is this season’s trend that you like the most?

When it comes to fashion I don’t think in terms of latest trends. I sometimes pay very little attention to them and by no means I don’t blindly follow them, I like to use them to update my own personal style. We should choose and interpret fashion based on our own personalities. My favourite trend this season is definitely the ‘20s style. I love the modern interpretation of the Roaring Twenties.

4. If you could have any wardrobe of any celebrity, fashion editor etc. which one would you choose?

I have never thought about this. I am inspired by street style more than by someone in particular or style icons: by women who look elegant, natural and comfortable in what they wear. I may be inspired by something or someone different every day. I will always look up to Audrey Hepburn though.

5. You have recently wrote a post about Jamie Beck’s photos from Morocco, you have a category entitled „Beautiful Bucharest” and you’re passionate about interior design & architecture. Is it a place (country or town) that has impressed you a lot or that you would like to visit due to its cultural/artistic heritage?

I share so many things on my blog: from fashion and fashion photography to travel photography, it’s an exploration of everything I find beautiful. I am a very private person, I don’t talk much about my personal life on the blog, but I wanted to reveal a little more to my readers and presenting Bucharest through my own eyes seemed a very good idea.

Every new place I visit inspires me and there are so many places I want to see or return to. London and Prague though remain my two favourite cities in Europe.

 all pictures via Classiq, check out the posts below:


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