Blog Choice: Interview with The Simply Luxurious Life

This time for the 5 Q&A Interview I chose one of my favorite lifestyle blogs, “The Simply Luxurious Life”, founded by Shannon Ables. I am very happy that she agreed to answer my questions as I have been a fan of the work she has been doing with this blog. From fashion to lifestyle, interior design to cuisine, Shannon’s blog has it all. What I like about it, is the fact that it perfectly combines well-written articles with inspiring & beautiful photography. It is definitely a blog that I recommend to you all! Enjoy the interview!

1. First of all I have to say your posts are very elaborate. You seem very passionate about style & fashion. Was it always like this or the interest in fashion came as you grew older?

I have loved fashion since I was a little girl and my mom had a dress up box of yard-sale fine satin dresses with sequin trim, women’s high heels and lovely costume jewelry. I remember so many times going to pull this box out of the closet, and dress up with my friends for tea or simply just to feel beautiful. Since then, my love has only grown as I would make dresses with cut-out backs and shoulders (it was the eighties – please forgive me), shop at local second-hand stores and purchase what I could afford on my budget to find my unique style. What I loved about fashion and as an adult have been better able to articulate is the ability to communicate your self-confidence without saying a word.

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2. I know you’re a school teacher. Jobs sometimes influence people’s personal style. How would you describe yours?

I haven’t allowed being a school teacher force me to adhere to certain strict expectations, as I still want to remain true to myself while at the same time exuding professionalism. I regularly wear three inch heels, wrap dresses, trousers, belts and skirts. My ballet flats are worn on alternating days when I know I’m going to be on my feet much longer than normal. So I would describe my style as stylishly sophisticated.

3. What is this year’s trend that you like the most?

The pencil skirt – without question. I remember shopping for pencil skirts about five years ago and they were terribly hard to find. I am so happy to see they are coming back in full force because they are incredibly flattering to so many different body types.

4. Could you share a tip that you discovered or a rule that you consider important when styling an outfit?

Balance. Always balance textures, prints and solids, proportions (think in thirds, never cut yourself in half) and have fun pairing something very sophisticated with another item that is quite casual.

5. What is the perfect summer outfit for you?

I could live in white cropped jeans, nautical long-sleeve top, sandals and sunnies (oh, add a pair of silver hoops as well). So simple and looks stylish in so many different situations.

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