Weekend Notes: Summer Styles Made Easy, by Anya Sarre

Anya Sarre, celebrity stylist (including Kim Kardashian) with shoedazzle.com, reached out to me to share an inspirational article for all women who love fashion and shopping. Here it is!

Summer Styles Made Easy: Staying Both Comfortable and Confident

Confidence is a key accessory that can tie any wardrobe together, regardless of where each item of that wardrobe was purchased. Without confidence, inner beauty finds it difficult to shine; a mask of conformity and self-doubt can ruin even the most charming of outfits. Let your red carpet confidence shine in the hottest summer trends this summer season!

There are actually many chic summer styles that are considered to be very much “in” right now that should work to keep all women feeling lovely, fashionable, and comfortable.

 One of my personal favorites, the long maxi dress, is the perfect way to stay stylish and yet cool during the rising temperatures. Typically made from soft, flowing fabrics, these dresses are flattering for women of all shapes and sizes. Printed maxi dresses are the way to go! Wear stripes to make you look more “curvy” or solid colors to portray a “slimmer” look. At the same time, store racks are offering a delightful range of fun, flouncy skirts this summer, and paring these skirts with comfortable blouses should provide outfits for all occasions. Other fun and fashionable items to consider include vintage statement jewelry pieces, cloth headbands, and floppy sun hats.

 Interestingly enough, investing in a few fun pairs of summery women’s shoes can often boost your overall confidence. Perhaps it is the added height offered by wedge heels that brings your head a little closer to the fluffy clouds, or it is the lovely lengthening effect that these shoes have on your legs, but heels are well-known to help women feel more confident. Of course, instilling feelings of confidence can also be independent of the shoes on one’s feet, but some cute footwear certainly can never hurt at all!

The summer months certainly don’t have to be ones that fill your minds with dread. Instead, find a few of the previously mentioned summer fashion items and pair them with the beauty that comes from feelings of confidence radiating from within, regardless of the temperature outside. Such items can be affordably purchased through a variety of shops in any area without breaking the bank!

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