Blog Choice: Interview with Onin Lorente, is next on my favorite blog list. Onin Lorente, the founder & the photographer behind this blog, agreed to answer my questions and I couldn’t be happier…Whether it’s Singapore, Manila or Paris, Onin captures the individuality, uniqueness and variety of people’s style. Enjoy the interview! And do visit his street-style blog & his official website.

1. Tell me a little more about you. Where did this passion for photography come from & how did you decide to start this blog?

I like fashion in general, but what I am more passionate about is fashion photography. I follow online websites such as FashionGoneRouge, Fashionisto, FotoDecadence, The Sartorialist and JakandJil, among others. Viewing those sites inspired me  to change my website in 2010, which started in 2008, from general fashion (reporting trends, runways shows and interviews) to street style photography. I wanted it to be a product of my own. Little by little, I learned the process from the technical side of photography, from the technical side to eyeing and persuading ordinary stylish people to be photographed. I also started doing fashion editorials, which is more creative. While street style is about real style, fashion editorials for me are about creating a story. I like doing both.

2. As a street-style photographer what is ‘that thing’ that you are looking for in an outfit?

Style is subjective. What I may find stylish, may not be so for others. But I believe that style is an extension of personality and character. Fashion supports it. It should not be the other way, where in fashion outshines personality. Personally, I prefer two things: simplicity with a little twist  and trendy but not overly done.

3. You’re capturing the style & trends around the world, from Singapore to Paris. You must have met lots of people & seen a variety of styles and combinations, is it any particular person or outfit that impressed you & still remember it?

All of the people I photograph have something special. That is the reason why I photograph them. And I am glad to have met them, also. Recently, when I was in Milan, I loved the street-style scenes during the Men’s Fashion Week. Men were all dressed up! L’Officiel Hommes fashion director Christopher Niquet is one of my favorites ( He stood out with his flared trousers, perhaps his signature style.

4.You are always venturing the streets in pursuit of great outfits, what is your perfect outfit for such a day?

On a regular day, I would wear jeans, shirt and boots and then accentuate it all with a fedora hat. But on special events such as fashion week, I up the ante by wearing a blazer and looking more polished. I am a fan of being well-dressed suitable for the occasion. I am also inspired by people I met and photographed.

5. “Style-Anywhere” has grown so much. How do you feel about it looking back on the journey & what are you looking forward to?
First, I did not imagine that I would be traveling around Asia to photograph street style and to cover fashion week shows. And now I am in Europe! I feel privileged that I received invitations for fashion shows in Milan, Paris, London and Berlin. Last year, I was also commissioned to do a street style campaign by an international clothing brand. My fashion editorials are also being published internationally. Contributions to fashion magazines and websites are becoming more regular in my work. I am very happy and grateful for all the opportunities. I owe it to editors who believe in my capabilities, my readers for their support and to the people I photographed. And hopefully in the future I can publish a book of those whom I photographed in the street from different cities.

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