Currently Lovin’…Sheer Black by Jil Sander (Fall 2012)

When it comes to bags and shoes, Jil Sander is always on my list of favorites. Last time, I showed you my favorite pair of shoes from the spring 2012 collection which landed straight on the top of my wishlist. This time, I will show you my favorite fall 2012 high heels and bag. I am talking about this black pair of shoes that you can see above. I am lovin’ it! Not sure if it’s the general tendency I  have been influenced by lately, but I have certainly paid more attention to black items than I normally do. And this elegant pair of high heels created by Raf Simons for his last Jil Sander collection can’t go by unnoticed. I like the structure, the subtle black and dark blue combination and the delicate strap around the ankle. As for the bag, I am crazy for simple designs, so you can understand why I love it!

PS: I am eagerly looking forward to seeing Raf Simons’ work for Dior. (pictures via

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