Blog Choice: Interview with Silvia, Rock & Roses

It’s time I recommended you another blog! Rock & Roses is my choice – a fashion blog by beautiful Romanian blogger, Silvia.

1. Tell me a little bit about your blog. How did it all start and what does “Rock & Roses” mean?

Being passionate about everything related to art, I started following various blogs. I realized that running a blog about personal style wasn’t such an easy job and that getting known among so many blogs, especially the fashion ones, is very difficult. Everything came naturally though… I enjoy blogging. It’s a pleasure because it is a  very relaxing activity…I don’t really take myself too seriously.

As for the title – “Rock & Roses”, it doesn’t represent anything in particular; I looked for something catchy and easy to remember. It might have something to do with the rock influences in my style though… 🙂

2. What do you like most at blogging and what are the opportunities/changes that this activity has brought into your life?

There isn’t a day without going on some of  my favorite blogs and enjoy a good read about the latest interesting fashion trends. I am trying to be consequent, original and I am happy when I, myself, become a source of inspiration.

The main change was probably the fact that I get more confident to wear what I truly like, although sometimes I still get stared at by some citizens of Bucharest. I am not afraid to dress colorfully anymore, to stand out of the crowd. It all depends on the attitude.

3. Describe your style in a few words.

My every day style is well defined: casual-rock-minimalist. For the day, I always go back to the basic pieces such as a white top, a pair of jeans (usually ripped ones), flat or converse shoes, a leather jacket and very few accessories. My style is casual, fresh, a little bit messy. I never miss my sunglasses and watch. When it comes to a special event, things take a 180 degrees turn. I can be very elegant, but I still try to keep it simple…less is more.

4. Now that autmun is here, what are the key pieces from your wardrobe?

First of all: the leather jacket. It’s a must have of all seasons and works well with pretty much everything. It can save you in any situation.

For autmun: studded boots and Isabel Marant  type of sneakers, white blazer, boyfriend jeans (ripped ones preferably), silk white blouse, knitted sweater, oversized bag and jersey tops and cardigans.

5. Is there any celebrity/public person you admire? What are your favorite designers?

There are so many celebrities I like that the list would be too long…But my favorite designers right now are Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Roberto Cavalli, Elie Saab, MLH, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana etc.

(all pictures belong to Rock&Roses)

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