Blog Choice: Interview with The Vanity Cover


So, today’s choice is Teodora’s blog, “The Vanity Cover“. I am sure that if you’re into very feminine pieces mixed with a little bit of urban and minimalistic elements you’ll like her outfits.

1. Tell me a little bit about your blog. How did it all start?

I was pretty familiar with the on line medium( I worked as fashion editor, did some blogging, worked in the social media field) before I started The Vanity Cover so basically it wasn’t such a big step. I knew that this is the easiest way to express my style and communicate what I do and love. The actual start of the blog was a bit difficult( I am a Taurus, I have my own slow motion watch 😛 )

interview-with-the-vanity-cover-fashion-blogger-style-street-style2. How would you describe your style? What are the main elements you get inspired by?

My style it’s a little bit of everything… I tend to follow trends or at least take what suits me and fits my silhouette. So, it’s a mix of eclectic pieces, minimal chic and casual everyday items. You’d see me wearing leather pants, oversized sweaters and coats or in short skirts or dresses with sporty items.

3. Christmas is coming. What are your fashion cravings you wish to find under the Christmas tree?

Well, let’s see..Oh, yes! My biggest, fashion craving at the moment would be the Leather Knee-High Sheath Boots from Givenchy. That’s it. Nothing more to add 🙂

4. Fashion is periodic. If you were to choose a period to inspire from, for a collection, which one would it be and why?

I would surely choose the 60’s not only for the actual revolution in fashion but as a holistic approach looking at a trend with its social patterns. So, I would make a collection based on the pillars of this decade: innovative fabrics, bold prints and minimal shapes.

5. Which item you wouldn’t see yourself wearing and is a big NO on your list?

My biggest NO, NO would be a really tight, short with a lot of cleavage dress…. I don’t see myself wearing it… in no circumstances!

interview-with-the-vanity-cover-fashion-blogger-style-street-style-dress-perkaall pictures belong to The Vanity Cover

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