The Minimalistic Approach with Warby Parker Glasses

“I approached Cristina with a challenge – create a collage that represents you and the things that inspire you using Warby Parker eyeglasses. I love the idea of having glasses that you can tailor to a certain event or activity, based on your life, and at Warby Parker we want your glasses to reflect you and compliment your individuality and style! 

 Check out Cristina’s glasses selection for any occasion below!”

Kaki Read – Fashion Coordinator at Warby Parker

outfit-acne-band-of-outsiders-alexander-wang-wedges-jacket-warby-parker-glasses-style-outfit1. Acne Tee via 2. Alexander Wang Alla Wedges via 3. Boy by Band of Outsiders Cuffed Pants via 4. Warby Parker Optical Glasses via 5. Helmut Gala Jacket via

I was very happy to answer to Kaki’s proposal as I haven’t made a post on outfits in a while. Besides, I myself wear glasses from time to time, especially in college so I thought it would be a good idea to create an outfit particularly focusing on this item. Luckily glasses aren’t indispensable for me, but they’re fun and I like wearing them.

I am so very fond of minimalism, I could work out outfits of such kind all day long. For some reason, while I was putting together all these items from my favorite brands, I kept thinking about Carine Roitfeld’s style. She’s not really on my list of favorites by there are a couple of outfits she has worn that completely match my preferences. Her simple tone on tone outfits, with very little color combinations or vibrant hues, her pencil skirts and loose shirts look so great together! Here is what I am talking about: picture 1, picture 2, picture 3, picture 4 love this outfit!.

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