The Magical World of Embroidery, Christian Dior Couture

christian-dior-couture-atelier-vermont-embroidery-details-flowers-style-2013-4Last summer it was announced that Christian Dior Couture acquired the Vermont embroidery ateliers which were founded by Jean Guy Vermont in 1956. The next two haute couture shows that have followed, the fall 2012 show and the very recent spring 2013 one, have been a delightful expression of what these French ateliers master,  which is the art of handmade embroidery. “Here, everything is done by hand, from the first drawing on tracing paper to the transformation of beads, sequins, silk and organza, for the embellishment of Raf Simons’ designs. The work is exceptionally minute, so that each thread, each sequin is in exactly the right place. Hands do everything”.The online Dior Magazine has published a collection of “behind the scene” pictures, close-ups of embroidery details and the process of sewing.

Based on a modern perspective of the couture concept, Raf Simons has created a collection that centers around the idea of flower-women .There are heavenly handmade dresses, corsets and jackets that abound in thorough embroidery detailing. In this case, the flowers, the sequins and the beans are a magical tool for the house’s creative designer who creates a  fairy storylike atmosphere. The setting was carefully aligned to the positive and joyful theme by Bureau Betak.


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  1. id like to see the 2012 embroidered dresses 1950’s id like to see the embroidery stich work being done in the atelier

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