Earth Tone Colored Rooms by Nate Berkus


I feel like there is a certain aesthetic quality that can only be achieved in a room by using soothing earth toned colors. It is timeless, elegant, but enjoyable and relaxant nonetheless. It’s like a win-win situation: you build a refined, yet comfortable environment that you can call home. I have been looking through American designer Nate Berkus’ work and these are the pictures I have selected. Enjoy!

***Note: On a different note, I have to make a quick announcement. For the last two months, I have been thinking over and over  again about my blog and what I’d like to do with it. I absolutely enjoy updating on red carpet appearances, but it’s time-consuming and unfortunately I don’t have enough of it. Therefore I have decided that, at least regarding this aspect, my blog will be about general fashion from now on. I will stop doing my daily posts on what famous people wear, no matter how much I like and enjoy it (and believe me it’s hard to stay away from it!). I will continue to update on big and important events such as award ceremonies tough – after all, the Oscars are around the corner! The rest stays the same for now. With this being said I invite you to see more pictures below.

nate-berkus-interior-design-living-room-2013-sofanate-berkus-interior-design-living-room-2013-sofa-chairs-decorating nate-berkus-interior-design-living-room-2013-sofa-chairs nate-berkus-interior-design-living-room-2013-sofa-chairs-2

nate-berkus-interior-design-living-room-2013-sofa-chairs-4 nate-berkus-interior-design-living-room-2013-sofa-chairs-5 nate-berkus-interior-design-living-room-2013-sofa-chairs-6

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