Alexander Terekhov, Pre-Fall 2013


Alexander Terekhov is one of my favourite Russian designers and I can easily say that one of my favourite fall 2012 collections was his. The utterly feminine pieces he envisions for women it’s something I like to revel in every now and then. Miroslava Duma and Elena Perminova are just two of the many who I have seen wearing his ethereal dresses and skirts. But the pre-fall 2013 collection approches the minimalistic aesthetic. The soft fabrics, simple designs and loose cuts convey the image of an elegant, yet comfortable collection, perfectly adapted to the modern world. The Russian designer’s inclination towards classic feminine subtleness and effortless sophistication in women’s clothing delineates the concept of his work for pre-fall and for any season in general. His signature aerial print dresses complete the collection.

And, in addition to his beautiful collections, Alexander has worked on a capsule collection for the upcoming Disney movie “Oz The Great and Powerful” which is soon to be released. Household names such as Rachel Weisz, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams and James Franco star in the movie. You can see the collection & the sketches here.

alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-1 alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-2 alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-3 alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-4alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-10 alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-5 alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-6 alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-7 alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-9 alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-11 alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-12 alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-13

alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-14 alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-15 alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-16 alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-17 alexander-terekhov-pre-fall-2013-collection-lookbook-18You can see the entire collection here

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