Très Chic, Hermès Fall 2013


This is the part where I fall under the spell of one of the most prestigious Parisian houses, Hermès. This year’s fall 2013 collection is all about subtleness, elegance and functionality conjoined in the same concept, a concept that has led Christophe Lemaire, the creative director of the house, to lay out a collection of mystery. The designs portray the image of an international woman, “She could be Parisian, she could be from London, you don’t know”. I still haven’t decided what to like most in this collection: the understated black and white dresses, the chic suits, the high quality leather jackets, the perfectly tailored coats or the prestigious bags. Without any doubt, I can say that this is one of my top favorite fall collections. Here are my favorite  looks:

hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-1hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-2 hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-3 hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-4 hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-5 hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-6hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-16 hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-7 hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-8hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-15 hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-9 hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-10 hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-11 hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-13hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-12hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-18 hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-14 hermes-fall-2013-2014-winter-colection-runway-fashion-style-17

pictures by Yannis Vlamos

see full collection on

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