Dorsia Hotel: Eccentric Interior Design


I was enthralled by the flamboyance of this high-class hotel situated on the west coast of Sweden, in central Gothenburg, to be more specific. The abundance of top-notch details and the perfectly-executed interior design leaves any tourist dumbfounded with wonder, as the Dorsia hotel staff admits.  I will take advantage of a pressrelease of the hotel in order to express the level of royalty perfection it was aimed at when building this hotel.

“It’s happened that guests have wondered if they’ve taken a wrong turning and ended up in the home of some eccentric and very affluent renaissance connoisseur, even though it’s 2013.

Each room is unique, apart from the fact all of them have wonderful deluxe beds which no-one will want to leave, with duvets made from mulberry silk and bed linen of combed Egyptian cotton. The rest of the fabrics throughout the hotel come from Designers Guild, suggesting a hint of Marrakech as well as Paris during the La belle époque. After careful inspection Hermès gave its blessing for its small shampoo bottles to be placed in these exquisite rooms.”

dorsia-entrance-hotel-style-architecture-classic-interior-design-style-sweden-2 dorsia-entrance-hotel-style-architecture-classic-interior-design-style-sweden-bedroom dorsia-entrance-hotel-style-architecture-classic-interior-design-style-sweden-berdroom-2 dorsia-entrance-hotel-style-architecture-classic-interior-design-style-sweden-library dorsia-entrance-hotel-style-architecture-classic-interior-design-style-sweden-restaurant dorsia-hotel-style-architecture-classic-interior-design-style-sweden-high-class-luxury dorsia-hotel-style-architecture-classic-interior-design-style-sweden-pink-purple

dorsia-entrance-hotel-style-architecture-classic-interior-design-style-sweden-bathroom-2 dorsia-entrance-hotel-style-architecture-classic-interior-design-style-sweden-bathroom

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