A LA RUSSE Anastasia Romantsova, Fall 2013

anastasia-romantsova-fall-2013-collectionAnastasia Romantsova

In a wintry decor, the beautiful Russian designer Anastastia Romantsova presented her Fall/Winter collection in Moscow after its display in Paris at the beginning of March. I could clearly see the endemic traits of her collection reflected in utterly feminine manners. The palette of nudes and pastels  contributed to the enchanting style and despited the winter-appropriate fabrics, they defined very serene and light looks. Head scarfs, Russian fur hats and classic coats underline once again the theme for this collection which is totally “a la russe”.

a-la-russe-anastasia-romantsova-fall-winter-2013-collection-runwaya-la-russe-anastasia-romantsova-fall-winter-2013-collection-runway-2 a-la-russe-anastasia-romantsova-fall-winter-2013-collection-runway-3 a-la-russe-anastasia-romantsova-fall-winter-2013-collection-runway-4 a-la-russe-anastasia-romantsova-fall-winter-2013-collection-runway-5 a-la-russe-anastasia-romantsova-fall-winter-2013-collection-runway-6 a-la-russe-anastasia-romantsova-fall-winter-2013-collection-runway-7 a-la-russe-anastasia-romantsova-fall-winter-2013-collection-runway-8 a-la-russe-anastasia-romantsova-fall-winter-2013-collection-runway-9 a-la-russe-anastasia-romantsova-fall-winter-2013-collection-runway-10a-la-russe-anastasia-romantsova-fall-winter-2013-collection-runway-11 anastasia-romantsova-fall-2013-collection-2014-russia
pictures via vogue.ru

see full collection here


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