“Le Carnet Noir” by Nacho Ormaechea

la-carnet-noir-nacho-ormaechea-art-photography-13When photography meets graphic design, interesting and ingenious things may result especially out of the hands of a visual thinker like the Spanish artist Nacho Ormaechea.

“I’m mostly comfortable with cities which I see as perfect theaters full of inspiring yet anonymous characters. Within those urban landscapes, the inhabitants and their opaque lives are the roots of my conceptual projects; those works call upon the viewer’s experiences and induce moments of introspection.”la-carnet-noir-nacho-ormaechea-art-photographyla-carnet-noir-nacho-ormaechea-art-photography-2

la-carnet-noir-nacho-ormaechea-art-photography-3 la-carnet-noir-nacho-ormaechea-art-photography-4 la-carnet-noir-nacho-ormaechea-art-photography-5 la-carnet-noir-nacho-ormaechea-art-photography-6 la-carnet-noir-nacho-ormaechea-art-photography-7 la-carnet-noir-nacho-ormaechea-art-photography-8 la-carnet-noir-nacho-ormaechea-art-photography-9 la-carnet-noir-nacho-ormaechea-art-photography-10 la-carnet-noir-nacho-ormaechea-art-photography-11 la-carnet-noir-nacho-ormaechea-art-photography-12 la-carnet-noir-nacho-ormaechea-art-photography-14 la-carnet-noir-nacho-ornaechea-art-photography

all photos via lecarnetnoir.com

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