Harding Meyer’s Portrait Pantings


I found myself in awe and pleasantly surprised when I discovered Harding Meyer’s beautiful work. The genuine yet artistic way in which the Berlin-based artist represents the facial features on canvas by adding his own vision to is captivating.

“The main subject on Harding Meyer’s work is his intensive pursuit of the artistic rendering of the human face. The subtle differences in the artistic realization of each single motif are indicative of this intensive preoccupation.[…] The faces which serve as the basis of most Harding Meyer’s painting, are originally taken from the media. Catalogues and magazines, movies and television are the pool from which the painter serves himself.” by Thomas W. Kuhnharding-meyer-portrait-oil-painting-art-on-canvas-2 harding-meyer-portrait-oil-painting-art-on-canvas-3 harding-meyer-portrait-oil-painting-art-on-canvas-4 harding-meyer-portrait-oil-painting-art-on-canvas-5 harding-meyer-portrait-oil-painting-art-on-canvas-7 harding-meyer-portrait-oil-painting-art-on-canvas-10 harding-meyer-portrait-oil-painting-art-on-canvas-11 harding-meyer-portrait-oil-painting-art-on-canvas-12 harding-meyer-portrait-oil-painting-art-on-canvas-14 harding-meyer-portrait-oil-painting-art-on-canvas-15 harding-meyer-portrait-oil-painting-art-on-canvas-16 harding-meyer-portrait-painting-art-canvas harding-meyer-portrait-painting-art-canvas-exhibition-museumall photos via Harding Meyer

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