Andrea Brugi’s Idyllic Tuscan World


It is impossible not to fall in love with the charming Italian rustic atmosphere. Moreover, it is an absolute privilege to be inspired by the Tuscan land. Artist and craftsman, Andrea Brugi, cherishes the traditional and natural heritage of the region in his beautiful work. The products he creates are the expression of traditional craftsmanship combined with modern aesthetics.

His workshop “is a graveyard of beautiful old stuff. Here you can find anything.” From doors and chairs to 400 year old olive tree roots and pieces of marble and travertine.

“All his designs have a strange touch of naivety – yet, at the same time, they are very contemporary and modern. They have a rustic and organic appearance; together with their aesthetics they still feel very close to nature and their original habitat.”

andrea-brugi-artist-interior-design-furniture-wood andrea-brugi-artist-interior-design-furniture-wood-5andrea-brugi-artist-interior-design-furniture-wood-2 andrea-brugi-artist-interior-design-furniture-wood-3 andrea-brugi-artist-interior-design-furniture-wood-4

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