Cool Findings: The Tsatsas Leather Bag

tsatsas-leather-bag-collection-style-minimalist-design-5I really like these bags by Tsatsas for their simple design and clarity. I am always looking for functionality in a bag ahead of anything else because, as a student, I have to stuff it with books and other things I need for collage. The minimalistic approach that Esther Schulze-Tsatsas and Dimitrios Tsatsas have taken into their products highlights the aesthetics of leather and how sophisticated it looks, yet simple and discrete.

tsatsas-leather-bag-collection-style-minimalist-design-8tsatsas-leather-bag-collection-style-minimalist-design-fashion-2tsatsas-leather-bag-collection-style-minimalist-design tsatsas-leather-bag-collection-style-minimalist-design-10-lookbooktsatsas-leather-bag-collection-style-minimalist-design-9 tsatsas-leather-bag-collection-style-minimalist-design-fashiontsatsas-leather-bag-collection-style-minimalist-design-10-lookbook-black

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