Models off Duty: Shades of Beige


I am irremediably in love with beige and all of its shades. There is something so charming, so enjoyable and so chic about it,  I cannot resist it! I just love the warmth and understated elegance that are so effortlessly reflected by this color.

It makes me dream of  a refreshing coffee latte served in the early morning, the soft sand underneath my feet on a hot summer day, the alluring Moroccan desert, the sunset in Tuscany or a delicious slice of Tiramisu cake. It is always on my list of favorite colors for summer!

karlie-kloss-street-style-pastels-beige-summer-2013-anna-selezneva-models-off-dutyalison-nix-Ella Kandyba-street-style-model-off-duty-fashion-black-flare-pants-beigemodel-Aymeline-valade-street-style-fashion-beige-Alex-Yuryeva-model-off-dutypictures by Stefano Fabbri

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