Nanushka: The Nomad Spirit


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

I have recently discovered the Hungarian brand “Nanuska” created by designer Sandra Sandor. I immediately took to it, as it delivers a great sense of comfort and functionality. The designs envision the nomad spirit in the middle of the bustling urban atmosphere. With summer approaching fast and the weather getting warmer even faster, it was very easy for me to become fond of all these airy garments in shades of bronze and beige which easily fall into line with my favorite summer looks.

Other than that, the boutique’s unique interior design which aligns with Sandra’s nomad-themed vision has been the subject of interest and discussion for many interior design blogs all around the world, so I invite you to take a look at one of the presentations and see the ethereal decor.

nanushka-collection-spring-summer-2013-ss13-clothing-outfits-nomad-style-lookbook nanushka-collection-spring-summer-2013-ss13-clothing-outfits-nomad-style-lookbook-1 nanushka-collection-spring-summer-2013-ss13-clothing-outfits-nomad-style-lookbook-2 nanushka-collection-spring-summer-2013-ss13-clothing-outfits-nomad-style-lookbook-3nanushka-collection-spring-summer-2013-ss13-clothing-outfits-nomad-style-lookbook-5nanushka-collection-spring-summer-2013-ss13-clothing-outfits-nomad-style-lookbook-4nanushka-collection-spring-summer-2013-ss13-clothing-outfits-nomad-style-lookbook-6pictures via


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