Viennese Aesthetics: Femme Maison AW13


In spite of the sunny days which  make me write more summery posts, I couldn’t ignore the new AW2013 collection from the young Austrian label Femme Maison. Designer Franziska Fuerpass put together a modern collection which relies on the coalescence between enclosing and overflowing. Playing with volumes, cutouts and the dualism between symmetry and asymmetry, the designer offers an interesting vision of the garments which are used to cover the body as a landscape. Having studied under the direction of Raf Simons and Veronique Branquinho, Franziska is a promising young designer who has already gained my attention.

femme-maison-aw-2012-2013-lookbook-fashionfemme-maison-aw-2012-2013-lookbook-fashion-8 femme-maison-aw-2012-2013-lookbook-fashion-2femme-maison-aw-2012-2013-lookbook-fashion-10 femme-maison-aw-2012-2013-lookbook-fashion-3 femme-maison-aw-2012-2013-lookbook-fashion-4 femme-maison-aw-2012-2013-lookbook-fashion-5 femme-maison-aw-2012-2013-lookbook-fashion-6 femme-maison-aw-2012-2013-lookbook-fashion-7

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