Step in Time, Lula Magazine SS2013


This is a great way to kick off the week!

First, I discovered the picture above! It caught my attention right away! Then, I found the photoshoot and I took to it immediately, so I invite you to see more of it below. Have a beautiful week!

Step in Time
Lula, spring/summer 2013
Zlata Mangafic & Lia Pavlova by Ellen Rogers
(above ) Emma François coat

step-in-time-luna-spring-summer-2013-collection-2step-in-time-lula-spring-summer-2013-collection-2 step-in-time-luna-spring-summer-2013-collection-3step-in-time-luna-spring-summer-2013-collection-6

step-in-time-lula-spring-summer-2013-collection-4 step-in-time-lula-spring-summer-2013-collection-5 step-in-time-lula-spring-summer-2013-collection

pictures via Coup de Foudre Zlata Mangafic

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