“Wearable Drawings” by Elvira ‘t Hart

Jacket-Elvira-t-hart-photo-by-Satijn-Panyigay-style-fashion-leather-jacket-3Jacket-Elvira-t-hart-photo-by-Satijn-Panyigay-style-fashion-leather-dress-drawing-2When I first discovered her website, I stared at Elvira ‘t Hart‘s impressive work wondering at times wheather I was looking at the sketch or the product. I have to admit I was dumbfounded for a couple of minutes and questioned the tangibility of these items, until I got to read the story behind this project, entitled expressively “Wearable Drawings“. The idea is very simple: as seen in the pictures, the young Dutch designer’s intention was to combine fashion with drawings – one of Elvira’s biggest hobbies, and make a collection which can easily (all literally) expresses the transition from 2D to 3D art.

The inspiration behind this project is drawing, its characteristics and how we interpret them. In the past I have been frustrated whilst showing designs on paper to other people as people tended to overlook the characteristics of the drawing. They almost took them for granted. What they missed however was that that was exactly the reason why I had drawn it like that, I wanted the real garment to look exactly like the drawing.Jacket-Elvira-t-hart-photo-by-Satijn-Panyigay-style-fashion-leather-jacket




pictures by Satijn Panyigay via elvirathart.com/ & thecools.com

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