Theyskens’ Theory FW13 Perfection

Olivier Theyskens did an amazing job with the Fall 2013 collection. When it comes to urban outfits, the designer has that special talent to make them comfortable and very chic at the same time. And it’s working on me! I love this collection from the first to the last look. The knitted pullovers, the voluminous jackets and the simple color palette define the perfect combination of functionality and style for the next season. There are so many desirable pieces, I could’ve just post the entire collection here, but I decided to go for the white pieces which seem to be one of my latest weaknesses – maybe it has something to do with the summery weather outside.

theyskens-theory-collection-fall-winter-2013-runway-catwalk-look-1 theyskens-theory-collection-fall-winter-2013-runway-catwalk-look-3theyskens-theory-collection-fall-winter-2013-runway-catwalk-look-2

theyskens-theory-collection-fall-winter-2013-runway-catwalk-look-4 theyskens-theory-collection-fall-winter-2013-runway-catwalk-look-5theyskens-theory-collection-fall-winter-2013-runway-catwalk-look-6

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