Leather Cravings: Yvonne Konè

yvonne-kone-gladiator-heels-sandals-fashion-style-shoes-leather-bag-clutch-leather-goods-2013I discovered this beautiful Danish brand Yvonne Konè founded by a very talented young lady, Yvonne, who is a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of School Arts. The label, which is named (as you have already guessed) after her, specializes in leather goods and accessories. The bags are my favorites as they exude in minimalism and contemporary functionality. Also, I love the sandals which carry this gladiator-themed design but do not come off as heavy. It’s a charming understated style that goes perfectly with the leather, the central piece of all this work. Here are some of my favorite items:

yvonne-kone-gladiator-heels-sandals-fashion-style-leather-packback yvonne-kone-gladiator-heels-sandals-fashion-style-shoes

yvonne-kone-gladiator-heels-sandals-fashion-style-clutch yvonne-kone-gladiator-heels-sandals-fashion-style-shoes-leatheryvonne-kone-gladiator-heels-sandals-fashion-style-leather-packback-2You can check out more on the website: yvonnekone.com

all pictures via yvonnekone.com

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