Resort 2014 Coats by Rag & Bone

rag-bone-resort-2014-collection-looks-pictures-coats-5I am keeping an eye on the Resort 2014 collections as they are being released. Rag & Bone is always a reliable brand when it comes to functionality. Chic and modern, yet very comfortable, the Rag & Bone designs can fit into any girl’s closet. And based on this trait, Marcus Wainwright revealed that this collection has, in fact, no theme. Therefore the universality of these clothes is what makes them so attractive and perfect for the city life.

My favorite pieces are the coats – the mohair two-toned cocoon and especially the simple and well-tailored ones in black, blue and ochre.

rag-bone-resort-2014-collection-looks-pictures-coats rag-bone-resort-2014-collection-looks-pictures-coats-2 rag-bone-resort-2014-collection-looks-pictures-coats-3rag-bone-resort-2014-collection-looks-pictures-coats-4

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