Rustic Details by WitZandGrijs

WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summerHello, I am back! Finally the finals are over and I can  now enjoy this beautiful summer vacation and make the best of it.

I thought I should start with a little bit of interior design on this sunny Sunday morning, as I have been ignoring this category for a while. The Dutch webshop, WitZandGrijs, has a beautiful lookbook which caught my eye with rustic decors and industrial designs, two styles that I love so much. Enjoy!WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summer-6WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summer-3 WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summer-5


WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summer-7 WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summer-9pictures via  WitZandGrijs

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