Vivienne Westwood & Vienna Philharmonic’s New Year Concert


One of the most beautiful things to do on the new year’s first morning is to enjoy the enchanting performance of Vienna’s Philharmonics. It has become a tradition in my family to listen to the magnificent classical music pieces and watch the Vienna State Ballet. So far it’s been a virtual experience in front of the TV, but one year I hope I will get there and see it live.

This year, the costumes for the ballet dancers have been designed by no other than Vivienne Westwood. Known for the punk influences, the English designer has incorporated her signature style into breath-taking gowns and tartan outfits specially made for the ballerinas. Her colorful and striking input to the show was well-defined and easily recognizable. I personally enjoyed watching the gracious dancers performing effortlessly in her ensembles at The City Palace (Stadtpalais Liechtenstein). I was curious to see her approach, since in the past, the dresses have been incredibly delicate and feminine. Here is the result:

vienna-new-year-concert-2014-outfits-state-ballet-vivienne-westwood-designer-tartan-outfits-7vienna-new-year-concert-2014-outfits-state-ballet-vivienne-westwood-designer-tartan-outfits-2vienna-new-year-concert-2014-outfits-state-ballet-vivienne-westwood-designer-tartan-outfits-4vienna-new-year-concert-2014-outfits-state-ballet-vivienne-westwood-designer-tartan-outfits-3vienna-new-year-concert-2014-outfits-state-ballet-vivienne-westwood-designer-tartan-outfits-8 vienna-new-year-concert-2014-outfits-state-ballet-vivienne-westwood-designer-tartan-outfits-9 palais-liechtenstein-city-palace-interiorvienna-new-year-concert-2014-outfits-state-ballet-vivienne-westwood-designer-tartan-outfits

Vivienne-Westwood-for-the-Vienna-State-Ballet-pictures via: + + + +

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