Another Side of an Artist: Constantin Brâncuși, the designer


We all know Constantin Brâncuși as one of the most important sculptors of the 21st century who had a grand contribution in developing the aesthetics of modern sculpture, but today I want to approach his work differently and talk about Constantin Brâncuși, the designer. Who would’ve thought that the very talented Romanian artist had his contribution to the world of fashion too? In a small amount, it’s true, but taking into consideration who we are talking about, I think it’s worth mentioning it. So, what did artistic clothing looked like in the early 20s?

How it all started:
Constantin Brâncuși dabbled in costume crafting when he made dresses for his friend’s music, the French composer and pianist, Erik Satie. The project entitled “Gymnopédies“, was a set of three music pieces that Satie composed back in 1888. The garments were designed for the Romanian dancer, Lizica Condreanu. She came to Paris with her older sister, Irina, who wanted to study sculpture with Bourdelle and Brâncuși.

Who was Lizica?
Lizica was a young vivacious dancer who studied classic ballet with Nijinska. After she came to Paris, she was easily influenced by her modernist entourage which included the likes of Sonia and Robert Delaunay, Brâncuși, Tristan Tzara, Jean Cocteau, Erik Satie and many more.
What you see here are some of the most famous and representative snapshots, some taken by Brâncuși himself. Lizica wore geometrical garments designed in typical Brancusi style. The Romanian sculptor and the lovely ballerina were very good friends. He let Lizica pose in his studio and dance on Satie’s “Gymnopédies”.
Trivia: One of the photographs was sold at a price of 42,750 euros at an auction organised by Sotheby’s.


lizica-condreanu-in-costumes-designed-by-constantin-brancusi-for-Erik-Satie’s-Trois-Gymnopédies-1922-3 lizica-condreanu-in-costumes-designed-by-constantin-brancusi-for-Erik-Satie’s-Trois-Gymnopédies-1922-2pictures via:  felicecalchipinterest

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