Enchanting Haute-Couture Spring/Summer 2014 Collections


I have to start this list with the one and only Elie Saab! The Lebanese designer’s mind is a deep ocean of imagination and creativity and doesn’t cease to amaze us! This time Elie Saab has put together 48 breath-taking looks that are as dreamy and ethereal as he got us used to see. It’s hard to choose favorite looks !  He always manages to immerse you in the magical world of couture and charming elegance. I can already picture most of these dresses on the red carpet. My only hope is that the stylists will  work their magic and get them to the much anticipated Oscars.

elie-saab-2014-sping-summer-haute-couture-runway-looks-gowns-fashion-style-dressesLook 1: Lupita Nyong’o  | Look 2: Nicole Kidman

elie-saab-2014-sping-summer-haute-couture-runway-looks-gowns-fashion-style-dresses-white-lace-black-embroidery-redLook 1: Angelababy | Look 2: Keira Knightley | Look 3: Taylor Swift | Look 4: Carey Mulligan

elie-saab-2014-sping-summer-haute-couture-runway-looks-gowns-fashion-style-dresses-white-lace-black-embroidery-gold-blueLook 1: Zoe Saldana | Look 2: Naomi Harris | Look 3: Emmy Rossum | Look 4: Fan BingBing


georges-hobeika-spring-summer-couture-2014-style-fashion-haute-couture-gown-evening-dressAnother incredibly beautiful collection comes from Georges Hobeika. I am always looking forward to seeing his haute-couture work as, in my opinion,  he’s a maestro of suave color combinations. The dresses are delicate and fragile, while the details are stunningly-executed. Little bow belts complete a wonderful collection that exudes femininity and sensuality.

georges-hobeika-spring-summer-couture-2014-style-fashion-haute-couture-gown-evening-dress-2Look 1: Zhang Ziyi | Look 2: Dakota Fanning

georges-hobeika-spring-summer-couture-2014-style-fashion-hautec-couture-dresses-runway-looksLook 1: Kerry Washington | Look 2: Olga Kurylenko | Look 3: Dakota Fanning | Look 4:  Elle Fanning

georges-hobeika-spring-summer-couture-2014-style-fashion-haute-couture-gown-evening-dress-jumpsuitLook 1: Elizabeth Banks | Look 2: Marion Cotillard | Look 3: Tilda Swinton | Look 4: Miranda Kerr


zuhair-murad-haute-couture-spring-summer-2014-runway-looks-style-fashion-dresses-lace-gold-sequin-black-gold-beltZuhair Murad is yet another master of couture who envisions alluring masterpieces for women. Apart from the evening gowns which are always very impressive, I was also enamored with the other thorughly-executed dresses and I do hope we’ll see them on the red carpet.

zuhair-murad-haute-couture-spring-summer-2014-runway-looks-style-fashion-dresses-laceLook 1: Diane Kruger | Look 2: Emmy Rossum

zuhair-murad-haute-couture-spring-summer-2014-runway-looks-style-fashion-dresses-lace-gold-sequinLook 1: Cate Blanchett | Look 2: Nieves Alvarez | Look 3: Amy Adams | Look 3: Karolina Kurkova

zuhair-murad-haute-couture-spring-summer-2014-runway-looks-style-fashion-dresses-lace-gold-sequin-black-gold-belt-jumpsuitLook 1: Vanessa Hudgens | Look 2: Lily Collins | Look 3: Pace Wu | Look 4: Beyonce

As you can see I played the stylist and thought about who I’d like to see wearing these stunning outfits.

What do you think?

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