Elie Saab, Fall 2014 Couture


One of the most awaited, or better said, the most awaited collection of the haute-couture fashion week has arrived. The Lebanese designer Elie Saab who has turned the couture fashion shows into a royal feast for the eyes, has delivered yet again a breath-taking collection all of a piece with his signature alluring style.

Personally, I love the fall collections better than the spring ones because of the heavier, more opulent and royal looks displayed on the runway. Elie Saab has stuck to his successful formula once again – some may say that these gowns are becoming repetitive hence boring, however the designer doesn’t seem to show any interest in changing it. You know why? Because it’s working! I don’t know about you, but I love these collections just as they are.

This collection consists of gown designs adorned with luxurious embroidery, sumptuous sequins, crystals, glitter and/or delicate lace. The tulle is a go-to fabric for the Lebanese designer who uses it to create dreamy unforgettable looks. Add the silk, the mesmerizing see-through fabrics, the joyful floral prints, the appliques and there it is…a genuine Elie Saab couture collection! Enjoy my favorite looks!










Here are a few looks that I love and some of the dresses I’d like to see on the red carpet. What do you think?



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