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Charming Rustic Accents

interior-design-rustic-interiors-accents-chic-shabby-scandinavian-style-white-pinkThis morning I woke up and it was such a cold drab weather I wished a ray of sunshine would’ve break through the clouds to cheer me up. There was no chance for that whatsoever since the sky has been covered in clouds all week, so instead, I started browsing the Internet for some lovely things to make my morning prettier. And obviously I stumbled upon some charming interiors that I collected here to share with you guys. Everybody is choosing Christmas-related topics to write about, but today I felt I needed a little bit of color and summery warmth, so this cozy rustic spaces have enlighten my morning and I hope they will bright your day too. Enjoy! And have a lovely weekend! (more…)

Berlin Residence, Freunde von Freunden

Freunde-von-Freunden-Christian-Boros-Karen-0Karen & Christian Boros opened the doors of their overwhelming German residence for Freunde von Freunden , thus allowing us to take a look at the environment in which they carry their everyday life in Berlin. I say overwhelming not only because of the many artistic expressions that this house integrates, but the historical story impregnated in the walls of the building. Bullet holes from the Second World War bear witness to the historical significance of the building, contributing to its singularity.  (more…)

Rustic Details by WitZandGrijs

WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summerHello, I am back! Finally the finals are over and I can  now enjoy this beautiful summer vacation and make the best of it.

I thought I should start with a little bit of interior design on this sunny Sunday morning, as I have been ignoring this category for a while. The Dutch webshop, WitZandGrijs, has a beautiful lookbook which caught my eye with rustic decors and industrial designs, two styles that I love so much. Enjoy!WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summer-6WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summer-3 WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summer-5


WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summer-7 WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summer-9pictures via  WitZandGrijs

Lady in Red, Céline Spring 1995

celine-spring-1995-campaign-red-dress-style-fashion-vintage-photographyIt’s Saturday which means that I can delve into beautiful photography and enjoy the charming visuals of past ad campaigns. Today, I stumbled upon this breath-taking photograph of Karen Mulder taken for the Spring 1995 Céline campaign. I haven’t found out who the photographer was, but he/she surely did an incredible job. I love the striking cinematic vibe. It is amazing how picturesque a red dress can be if captured in the right moment; and of course, artistic and ravashing at the same time…

Have a beautiful and sunny weekend!

picture via

Great Outdoors, The Gentlewoman Magazine


I hardly get enthralled by photoshoots nowadays, but when I stumble upon something that is as enchanting as this one I immediately have to share it with you. “Great Outdoors” is photographer Liz Collins and fashion editor Jonathan Kaye’s work for the forth edition of the biannual style magazine, The Gentlewoman. The issue was released back in 2011 for the following Fall & Winter season.

As an avid lover of vintage and romance, these pictures have pretty much brightened my day. Romantic, gallant, grant and precise…these are the words that define the style approach and the theme of this photoshoot. And how do you enjoy the outdoors? In the most romantic brands, Jil Sander, Céline, Lanvin or the classics, Burberry Prorsum and Tom Ford. I hope you like this photoshoot as much as I do! Enjoy!

PS: I left the text so you can read exactly what, where and how Eleonor wore these charming pieces.great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-burberry-celine-outfit great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-burberry-prorsum-celine-tom-ford-outfit great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-celine-outfit great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-a.p.c-celine-lanvin-outfit-1 great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-jil-sander-lanvin-outfit-romantic great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-jil-sander-lanvin-romantic-outfit

Model: Eleonor Ayres

pictures via coupedefoudre