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Current Obsessions: Spring Essentials


Do you ever think about an outfit and then you can’t get it out of your head? For example, since the weather is finally starting to look and feel like spring, I have decided to buy some basic pieces that I’ve been craving for and now I just can’t stop thinking about this outfit. It only consists of a basic white silk/satin shirt, jeans and a pair of black high heels, but it is everything I want right now.

I ticked the black stilettos after buying these Zara shoes. But the shoes weren’t a problem. The high waisted jeans seem to be though. Apparently I can’t find the right pair.

Other cravings:

1. Helmut Lang / Cropped Jeans

2. Boy by Band of Outsiders /Cuffed Canvas Pant

3. Zara / Basic Balck & White Sandals

Illustration by me

Digital Prints


You know when you see something in a shop and your brain just starts screaming “I gotta have it!” like all of a sudden it is indispensable to your life. It scarcely ever happens to me, but it just did with this top. It was a fast and curious reaction towards it. There might have been many other beautiful tops on those hangers, however my mind was so stubborn and only went crazy for this one in particular. But I can’t deny I am happy I got it, as I absolutely fell in love with its digital prints and the colors. First I thought it was a depiction of fire because of those red and yellow hues, but then I realized it is actually nature.

digital-prints-style-top-black-t-shirt-fashion-floralfloral-prints-digital-top-black-shirt-style-fashion floral-prints-digital-top-black-shirt-style-fashion-2013-s

pictures by me

Because I love sweaters.


Knitting is something that I hardly can resist. Perhaps, it’s that pleasant feeling of familiarity and sweet childhood memories that take over me whenever I find a wonderfully knitted sweater, the type that my grandma used to make for me.  All I know is that I giggle like a little kid whenever winter comes because I know it’s time for sweaters!

sweaters-patterns-knitting-style-winter sweater-2012-grey-2013-grey-is-the-new-black-styleh&m-sweater-style-wintersweaterspictures by me (brands: H&M, PNK, Bershka, Nisan etc.) 

My Style: The Leather Cap

I have been craving for a classic leather cap lately, especially now that the weather is getting colder. Thus for the last month, I have been on a quest for a genuine leather cap that apparently I couldn’t find anywhere. I have been looking for a good one in so many stores, even in different cities, but eventually I gave up. Yesterday I happen to see a stand of leather items at an event that was taking part downtown. I was so surprised! Little did I know I was going to find many great leather caps. So, it took me two seconds to buy one!

Love these We the People looks!

pictures taken by me/ We the People

My Style: Black & White Urban Outfit

So today I decided to do something a little bit different! This is the first time I took pictures of my own clothes and decided to show them on my blog . I just thought I should do a more personal post, as my blog is quite general & impersonal. I love this black & white trend! I am crazy for knitted sweaters and this white one is among my favorites. I love mixing patterns and this casual urban style has grown on me lately. So…this is what I came up with…

Outfit: Mango skirt/ Nisan sweater/ Meli Melo bag/ Adidas Sneakers

pictures taken by me