When I first decided to create this blog, I had a simple purpose in my mind: to post high heel sketches. Slowly, I started writing about different things such as fashion, movies, celebrities and I forgot the reason for which I’d created my blog.

This is why I decided to add this page and post the sketches here. Drawing has always been one of my passions and I am really happy that I can show you one of the things I like to do in my spare time. It’s all about creativity and inspiration.  I will try to upload as many sketches as possible, but unfortunately my schedule doesn’t allow me to have the necessary spare time to draw as much as I’d like.

carey-mulligan-great-gatsby-premiere-cannes-dress-christian-dior-pale-pink-fashion-illustration-style-2013-2014-red-carpet elizabeth-banks-hunger-games-catching-fire-premiere-berlin-elie-saab-silver-couture-dress-look-fashion-illustration-style-2013-2014 jennifer-lawrence-oscars-2013-dress-christian-dior-gown-fashion-illustration-style-2013-pale-pink-2



  1. I stumbled onto your blog looking for Cannes photos. I am sooo happy I did. These shoes are hot!! Let me know if they get picked up. Truly amazing.

  2. Love how you have used solid colors together! I am about to upload a few of my sketches myself do visit my page and let me know how you like them 🙂
    Great work!

  3. Hey Cristina<<< I loved your work awesome………….I have similar interest and a blog…which i want you to go through it and guide…..awaiting for your response. It has Indian touch to it

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