Great Outdoors, The Gentlewoman Magazine


I hardly get enthralled by photoshoots nowadays, but when I stumble upon something that is as enchanting as this one I immediately have to share it with you. “Great Outdoors” is photographer Liz Collins and fashion editor Jonathan Kaye’s work for the forth edition of the biannual style magazine, The Gentlewoman. The issue was released back in 2011 for the following Fall & Winter season.

As an avid lover of vintage and romance, these pictures have pretty much brightened my day. Romantic, gallant, grant and precise…these are the words that define the style approach and the theme of this photoshoot. And how do you enjoy the outdoors? In the most romantic brands, Jil Sander, Céline, Lanvin or the classics, Burberry Prorsum and Tom Ford. I hope you like this photoshoot as much as I do! Enjoy!

PS: I left the text so you can read exactly what, where and how Eleonor wore these charming pieces.great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-burberry-celine-outfit great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-burberry-prorsum-celine-tom-ford-outfit great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-celine-outfit great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-a.p.c-celine-lanvin-outfit-1 great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-jil-sander-lanvin-outfit-romantic great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-jil-sander-lanvin-romantic-outfit

Model: Eleonor Ayres

pictures via coupedefoudre

Calvin Klein: The Perfect Cut


Calvin Klein, spring-summer 2011 rtw

I have always thought that the best plunging neckline can only be achieved thorough minimalism. It’s a matter of aesthetic: the right combination of boldness and elegance woven together with the perfection of the cut. Calvin Klein is probably my favorite brand when it comes to it and the art of highlighting the best of a deep neckline. Francisco Costa knows exactly how to balance simplicity with the right amount of sensuality to create an utterly feminine piece for women.

picture via style.com

Looking forward to the 2012 Golden Globes

If I were to choose between last year’s Golden Globes and Oscars, I would undeniably go with the Golden Globes. The event was, in my opinion, more glamorous and more impressive in terms of fashion. Of course, that is understandable due to the fact that the Academy Award Ceremony is more formal and requires a certain appearance from all the guests. But, looking back on the 2011 Golden Globes, let’s remember some of the best outfits of that night.

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