Digital Prints


You know when you see something in a shop and your brain just starts screaming “I gotta have it!” like all of a sudden it is indispensable to your life. It scarcely ever happens to me, but it just did with this top. It was a fast and curious reaction towards it. There might have been many other beautiful tops on those hangers, however my mind was so stubborn and only went crazy for this one in particular. But I can’t deny I am happy I got it, as I absolutely fell in love with its digital prints and the colors. First I thought it was a depiction of fire because of those red and yellow hues, but then I realized it is actually nature.

digital-prints-style-top-black-t-shirt-fashion-floralfloral-prints-digital-top-black-shirt-style-fashion floral-prints-digital-top-black-shirt-style-fashion-2013-s

pictures by me