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Academy Awards 2011 – My Dress Picks

Last night the famous Academy Awards were held at the Kodak Teather for the 83rd time. This means that it was another occasion, the peak of this year for celebrities to shine on the red carpet. Generally, there wasn’t any dress which left people in big awe (either in a good or bad way). Most of them looked fine and glamorous. Honestly, in terms of dress choices I liked the Golden Globes better. Also, I decided to do this post the way I did it for the Golden Globes to show you what I liked. I did not make any top ( I hate tops of best/worst dressed) because I don’t really see their purpose. You can either like or hate a dress, but it’s your own personal opinion. The funny thing is that I have seen a lot of these dresses presented below (such as Cate’s Givenchy dress) placed on the best-dressed list on some blogs and on the worst-dressed list on others. My choices are randomly shown to you. There were a lot of dresses in pale colors but also in red – among the red ones, Sandra’s was the only one I found eye-catching. Cate Blanchett’s gown was very interesting. I liked the way the angular sharp-edged design of the upper part of the dress was in contrast with the rest of it which was feminine. (more…)

Golden Globes 2011 – My Dress Picks

It was a magnificent evening for the celebrities who showed up at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards, especially for the female stars who had the chance to rock the red carpet in some very glamorous outfits. The main colour from the palette, in terms of dresses, was the  pale beige who seemed to be taking over the red carpet.  But actresses such as Angelina Jolie, Mila Kunis or Catherine Zeta-Jones offered a breath of fresh air to the delighted viewers by choosing to wear elegant green gowns among the nude hues.

What I liked? Check out the dresses: (more…)