Because I love sweaters.


Knitting is something that I hardly can resist. Perhaps, it’s that pleasant feeling of familiarity and sweet childhood memories that take over me whenever I find a wonderfully knitted sweater, the type that my grandma used to make for me.  All I know is that I giggle like a little kid whenever winter comes because I know it’s time for sweaters!

sweaters-patterns-knitting-style-winter sweater-2012-grey-2013-grey-is-the-new-black-styleh&m-sweater-style-wintersweaterspictures by me (brands: H&M, PNK, Bershka, Nisan etc.) 

Blog Choice: Interview with The Vanity Cover


So, today’s choice is Teodora’s blog, “The Vanity Cover“. I am sure that if you’re into very feminine pieces mixed with a little bit of urban and minimalistic elements you’ll like her outfits.

1. Tell me a little bit about your blog. How did it all start?

I was pretty familiar with the on line medium( I worked as fashion editor, did some blogging, worked in the social media field) before I started The Vanity Cover so basically it wasn’t such a big step. I knew that this is the easiest way to express my style and communicate what I do and love. The actual start of the blog was a bit difficult( I am a Taurus, I have my own slow motion watch 😛 )

interview-with-the-vanity-cover-fashion-blogger-style-street-style2. How would you describe your style? What are the main elements you get inspired by?

My style it’s a little bit of everything… I tend to follow trends or at least take what suits me and fits my silhouette. So, it’s a mix of eclectic pieces, minimal chic and casual everyday items. You’d see me wearing leather pants, oversized sweaters and coats or in short skirts or dresses with sporty items.

3. Christmas is coming. What are your fashion cravings you wish to find under the Christmas tree?

Well, let’s see..Oh, yes! My biggest, fashion craving at the moment would be the Leather Knee-High Sheath Boots from Givenchy. That’s it. Nothing more to add 🙂

4. Fashion is periodic. If you were to choose a period to inspire from, for a collection, which one would it be and why?

I would surely choose the 60’s not only for the actual revolution in fashion but as a holistic approach looking at a trend with its social patterns. So, I would make a collection based on the pillars of this decade: innovative fabrics, bold prints and minimal shapes.

5. Which item you wouldn’t see yourself wearing and is a big NO on your list?

My biggest NO, NO would be a really tight, short with a lot of cleavage dress…. I don’t see myself wearing it… in no circumstances!

interview-with-the-vanity-cover-fashion-blogger-style-street-style-dress-perkaall pictures belong to The Vanity Cover

Blog Choice: Interview with Silvia, Rock & Roses

It’s time I recommended you another blog! Rock & Roses is my choice – a fashion blog by beautiful Romanian blogger, Silvia.

1. Tell me a little bit about your blog. How did it all start and what does “Rock & Roses” mean?

Being passionate about everything related to art, I started following various blogs. I realized that running a blog about personal style wasn’t such an easy job and that getting known among so many blogs, especially the fashion ones, is very difficult. Everything came naturally though… I enjoy blogging. It’s a pleasure because it is a  very relaxing activity…I don’t really take myself too seriously.

As for the title – “Rock & Roses”, it doesn’t represent anything in particular; I looked for something catchy and easy to remember. It might have something to do with the rock influences in my style though… 🙂

2. What do you like most at blogging and what are the opportunities/changes that this activity has brought into your life?

There isn’t a day without going on some of  my favorite blogs and enjoy a good read about the latest interesting fashion trends. I am trying to be consequent, original and I am happy when I, myself, become a source of inspiration.

The main change was probably the fact that I get more confident to wear what I truly like, although sometimes I still get stared at by some citizens of Bucharest. I am not afraid to dress colorfully anymore, to stand out of the crowd. It all depends on the attitude.

3. Describe your style in a few words.

My every day style is well defined: casual-rock-minimalist. For the day, I always go back to the basic pieces such as a white top, a pair of jeans (usually ripped ones), flat or converse shoes, a leather jacket and very few accessories. My style is casual, fresh, a little bit messy. I never miss my sunglasses and watch. When it comes to a special event, things take a 180 degrees turn. I can be very elegant, but I still try to keep it simple…less is more.

4. Now that autmun is here, what are the key pieces from your wardrobe?

First of all: the leather jacket. It’s a must have of all seasons and works well with pretty much everything. It can save you in any situation.

For autmun: studded boots and Isabel Marant  type of sneakers, white blazer, boyfriend jeans (ripped ones preferably), silk white blouse, knitted sweater, oversized bag and jersey tops and cardigans.

5. Is there any celebrity/public person you admire? What are your favorite designers?

There are so many celebrities I like that the list would be too long…But my favorite designers right now are Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Roberto Cavalli, Elie Saab, MLH, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana etc.

(all pictures belong to Rock&Roses)

Blog Choice: Interview with Classiq

Classiq is one of  my favorite blogs and I visit it regularly due to its lovely posts about fashion, film & photography, basically, anything art-related. This is why I am very happy that Ada, the girl behind this beautiful blog, was so nice to answer my questions. I wholeheartedly recommend you her blog if you haven’t discovered it yet! Enjoy the interview!

1.Behind the name and the mascot of your blog it’s an entire philosophy, how did it all started? Was it an idea that came on the spur of the moment to create this blog, or quite an old desire?

Yes, you could say it is an entire philosophy behind the name of the blog. Classiq is a play of words based on the word classic, and the black cat and slogan were inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s film, ‘To Catch A Thief’.  “Catch a style” aims to inspire you to find your own personal style. The idea of the blog came naturally at some point, a few months before I started it, as I wanted to find a way to gather and share my ideas and endless exploration of my two passions, fashion and classic films. It has evolved into something much more than that, it’s helped me define and develop my taste and style, express my thoughts and the gate to some beautiful friendships.

2. I really like the category for films. Rarely do you write about very recent movies. Is it also because of the much more superficial way the fashion is now presented in movies or just a passion for the classic style?

I am glad you asked me this question. I am fascinated by fashion in film, not only because it seems to blend so well these two passions of mine, but because I am fascinated by the entire process of costume design. It is such an elaborated process that requires vision, skill and talent. Between the 1920s-1960s costume design played an important role in films. The costume helped build up a character and the making of a costume began with reading the script, when the designer began visualizing the time period, setting, scenes and characters. Some designers would start with a fabric, draping it over a dress form, a live model, or even a couch, seeing how it contoured and reflected light, others would start with a sketch. A lot of research was involved and the designers had to be aware of the synergy of costume, character and individual star in a movie. An entire team of cutters, fitters, seamstresses, embroiderers and tailors were involved too. It was a complex process. Clothes helped tell a story in a movie, just as it happens in real life. The end of the 60s marked the beginning of the reign of the stylists in film wardrobes, choosing rather than designing the clothes. Fashion in film has lost a lot of its meaning. So yes, this is why I put so much accent on fashion in classic films. I do love classic style, but it is not limited to fashion decades, it has to do with a simple, harmonious, elegant line, with never going out of fashion, with the enduring quality of a design.

3. In terms of fashion, what is this season’s trend that you like the most?

When it comes to fashion I don’t think in terms of latest trends. I sometimes pay very little attention to them and by no means I don’t blindly follow them, I like to use them to update my own personal style. We should choose and interpret fashion based on our own personalities. My favourite trend this season is definitely the ‘20s style. I love the modern interpretation of the Roaring Twenties.

4. If you could have any wardrobe of any celebrity, fashion editor etc. which one would you choose?

I have never thought about this. I am inspired by street style more than by someone in particular or style icons: by women who look elegant, natural and comfortable in what they wear. I may be inspired by something or someone different every day. I will always look up to Audrey Hepburn though.

5. You have recently wrote a post about Jamie Beck’s photos from Morocco, you have a category entitled „Beautiful Bucharest” and you’re passionate about interior design & architecture. Is it a place (country or town) that has impressed you a lot or that you would like to visit due to its cultural/artistic heritage?

I share so many things on my blog: from fashion and fashion photography to travel photography, it’s an exploration of everything I find beautiful. I am a very private person, I don’t talk much about my personal life on the blog, but I wanted to reveal a little more to my readers and presenting Bucharest through my own eyes seemed a very good idea.

Every new place I visit inspires me and there are so many places I want to see or return to. London and Prague though remain my two favourite cities in Europe.

 all pictures via Classiq, check out the posts below:

Blog Choice: Interview with Wonder Fashion

Now that the Cannes Film Festival is almost over and we can breathe easily, it’s time to update other categories that unfortunately have been neglected due to the many red carpet appearances that had to be covered. And I’m starting with a very nice interview with the lovely Oliviana, the owner of the fashion blog “Wonder Fashion”, who was eager to answer my questions. With her vibrant red hair and vividly colored outfits, I have to say, it is really easy to take to her & her feminine playful style.

1. First of all, how did you start this blog and where did the name “Wonder Fashion” come from?

Ever since I was in high school, I used to take pictures of my outfits before going to school and save them in a folder so that I could analyze them later and change them. As I discovered the concept of “fashion blogger”, it started to grow on me more and more. I wanted to share my outfits with other bloggers so that I could receive and also give advice to the others. I am inspired by other bloggers’ style and I try to adopt it based on my own personality. I came up with this name for my blog because ever since I was little I’ve been fascinated by “Alice in Wonderland” and, as I am interested in any little extravagance and beautiful objects that I like to call “wonders”, I came up with the name “Wonder Fashion”.

2. How would you describe your style?

It’s already normal to say “my style is eclectic or undefined”, but that’s pretty much my case as well. I like to experiment all sorts of silhouettes, or influences, either modern or vintage, as well as masculine. But in general, I’d describe it as romantic. I like lace, velvet, precious fabrics, skirts, maxi dresses, floral prints…so, my style is pretty feminine.

3. What is this season’s trend that fits your style the best?

I don’t really follow the trends, but since this spring is all about pastels, I have tried them too. I stay true to the electric & vibrant colours though. I have also noticed that the ’20 silhouette is very popular, being mostly promoted by the big brands. This is something that I really like.

4. What are the trends you wouldn’t embrace?

I would never wear animal print. It’s been used for some seasons already and I’m sure it will still be, but it’s not for me…neither the minimalist trends – I found them boring.

5. Right now the Cannes Film Festival is taking place and everybody is interested in the dresses. Is there any celebrity you enjoy watching on the red carpet? If you could choose an outfit for such an event what would it look like, what designer would you think of?

Hm…yes, I’m currently following the red carpet appearances as well and I’m trying to pick a favourite but it’s difficult. It’s an invasion of fabulous dresses and it’s hard to choose, and generally, I don’t have a favourite public figure, but lately Jessica Chastain has been wearing wonderful dresses. Penelope Cruz is very feminine and her red carpet appearances are dramatic, so to say, opting for big dresses, trails, feathers or layers over layers of chiffon. If I were to go to such an event, I’d love to attend the Academy Award Ceremony, although I don’t have anything to do with the movie industry. The red carpet vibe is incomparable. As for the dress, I would probably choose between Dior and Elie Saab – pretty tough decision though…

pictures via: