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Carey Mulligan, “Inside Llewyn Davis” Premiere

carey-mulligan-Inside-Llewyn-Davis-premiere-2013-cannes-film-festival-style-fashion-vionnet-dressCarey Mulligan steppted out again on the red carpet, this time for the premiere of the movie “Inside Llewyn Davis”. Once again, she proved how beautiful a simple gown can be if you wear it the right way. The British actress wore a Vionnet Fall 2013 black and white dress. She wears any gown so effortlessly and makes it look incredibly appealing that I wish I could see her on the red carpet every day.

PS: I had quite a hard time finding some good shots of her dress, hopefully these will do.

carey-mulligan-Inside-Llewyn-Davis-premiere-2013-cannes-film-festival-style-fashion-vionnet-dress-2pictures via