Industrial, but chic


Now isn’t this a lovely kitchen? I feel like I could sit at this bar reading a good book and eating lemon cupcakes all day. There’s an airy feel to it, very light and comfortable. And although the design exudes industrialism, I like how you can feel the warmth in this place. This is my favorite spot, but I suggest you take a look at the all the pictures, because Joan’s LA home is splendid. Follow the link below.

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Berlin Residence, Freunde von Freunden

Freunde-von-Freunden-Christian-Boros-Karen-0Karen & Christian Boros opened the doors of their overwhelming German residence for Freunde von Freunden , thus allowing us to take a look at the environment in which they carry their everyday life in Berlin. I say overwhelming not only because of the many artistic expressions that this house integrates, but the historical story impregnated in the walls of the building. Bullet holes from the Second World War bear witness to the historical significance of the building, contributing to its singularity.  (more…)

Rustic Details by WitZandGrijs

WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summerHello, I am back! Finally the finals are over and I can  now enjoy this beautiful summer vacation and make the best of it.

I thought I should start with a little bit of interior design on this sunny Sunday morning, as I have been ignoring this category for a while. The Dutch webshop, WitZandGrijs, has a beautiful lookbook which caught my eye with rustic decors and industrial designs, two styles that I love so much. Enjoy!WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summer-6WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summer-3 WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summer-5


WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summer-7 WitZandGrijs-rustic-interior-design-white-style-decor-2013-summer-9pictures via  WitZandGrijs