Gatsby, what Gatsby?…

…Carey Mulligan’s character, Daisy Buchanan, asks softly in the newest trailer for the awaited “Great Gatsby” movie, starring household names such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Tobey Maguire or Joel Edgerton. Yet, I won’t talk about the movie, but the enchanting style inspired by the jazz era and culture. We have already seen it used by Gucci in their spring 2012 art deco inspired collection, and now Rodarte delights us with wonderful hairstyles for the Fall 2012 collection. Lovely barrettes lighten the heavy fall looks. If you want to recreate this feminine hairstyle you should check out this post on fashioning.com on how to do it yourself: fashionising.com

You can check out more backstage photos here: rafinery29.com or the entire collection on vogue.com .

Also, enjoy these pictures by photographer David Vasiljevic, for the May issue of Elle France. With the movie coming out this year, I expect to see more and more editorials of this kind.

pictures via: “Great Gatsby” Trailer, screen print/ backstage pics via rafinery29.com/  Camille Rowe, Melanie Thierry, Joey Starr for Elle France via fashionising.com