Street Style Perfection @ The Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Weeks


I’ve been going through street style pictures ever since the fashion weeks started hoping that I would eventually find something that would blow my mind. That did not happen, but I did gather some very beautiful pictures. Masculinity, minimalism, monochrome looks, functionality…these are the things that I was looking forward to seeing at the fashion weeks among the too-colorful-too-kitsch ensembles and thankfully I found them. Enjoy! (more…)

Street Style: Miroslava Duma in Electric Blue @ London Fall 2013 Fashion Week


Not always do I like Miroslava’s street style choices but when her inclination is towards minimalism I startle in excitement. Therefore, it was impossible to ignore her awe-inspiring chic blue look she effortlessly pulled off during the London fashion week just two days ago. The perfect formal tailoring, the vibrant blue color of the suit, plus the refined white and gold accessories are a flawless combination of elements that make this look absolutely perfect! (more…)