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Maria Lucia Hohan SS2013 Ad Campaign Video

Maria Lucia Hohan is known for the utterly feminine dresses and her signature blackless designs which have captivated so many women around the world. The Romanian designer has just released the ad campaign video for her spring-summer 2013 collection and I believe that a collaboration between a designer and a superb top ballet dancer couldn’t have been more justified than it is in this case. Beautifully directed by Ionut Staicu & Alex Gelehrter, the short video captures with grace, the fluidity and elegance of  her designs.

maria-lucia-hohan-dress-spring-summer-2013-campaign maria-lucia-hohan-dress-spring-summer-2013-campaign-2 maria-lucia-hohan-dress-spring-summer-2013-campaign-3 maria-lucia-hohan-dress-spring-summer-2013-campaign-4 maria-lucia-hohan-dress-spring-summer-2013-campaign-5 maria-lucia-hohan-dress-spring-summer-2013-campaign-6 maria-lucia-hohan-dress-spring-summer-2013-campaign-7 maria-lucia-hohan-dress-spring-summer-2013-campaign-8 maria-lucia-hohan-dress-spring-summer-2013-campaign-9screen captures by me

Currently Lovin’…Maria Lucia Hohan Fall/Winter 2012-2013

The Romanian designer has updated her online shop with the latest evening gowns which are part of her autumn/winter 2012-2013 collection. Some of the gowns have already been seen on the red carpet. Big names from the music and film industry have opted for Maria Lucia Hohan dresses for their red carpet appearances, such as Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Hudgens or Carrie Underwood. I was really looking forward to her new collection. It keeps the same MLH designs and fabrics we have got used to, being a “glam and girly” collection. Inspired by a world of magic and fantasy, the MLH gowns are definitely part of any girl’s dream.

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