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I hardly get enthralled by photoshoots nowadays, but when I stumble upon something that is as enchanting as this one I immediately have to share it with you. “Great Outdoors” is photographer Liz Collins and fashion editor Jonathan Kaye’s work for the forth edition of the biannual style magazine, The Gentlewoman. The issue was released back in 2011 for the following Fall & Winter season.

As an avid lover of vintage and romance, these pictures have pretty much brightened my day. Romantic, gallant, grant and precise…these are the words that define the style approach and the theme of this photoshoot. And how do you enjoy the outdoors? In the most romantic brands, Jil Sander, Céline, Lanvin or the classics, Burberry Prorsum and Tom Ford. I hope you like this photoshoot as much as I do! Enjoy!

PS: I left the text so you can read exactly what, where and how Eleonor wore these charming pieces.great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-burberry-celine-outfit great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-burberry-prorsum-celine-tom-ford-outfit great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-celine-outfit great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-a.p.c-celine-lanvin-outfit-1 great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-jil-sander-lanvin-outfit-romantic great-outdoors-gentlewoman-photographer-liz-collins-fashion-photography-jil-sander-lanvin-romantic-outfit

Model: Eleonor Ayres

pictures via coupedefoudre

Lady in Red: Penelope Cruz for the 2013 Campari Calendar

The beautiful Oscar winner, Penelope Cruz, is the star of the latest Campari calendar. The Spanish actress was photographed by Kristian Schuller in breath-taking red gowns from brands such as Monique Lhuillier and Salvatore Ferragamo. With this project, Penelope joins a groups of beautiful actresses such as Salma Hayek(2007), Eva Mendes(2008), Jessica Alba(2009) and Milla Jovovich(2012) who covered the Campari calendar in the past.


Oscar de la Renta: Fall 2012

It’s that time of the summer when brands are coming out with their eye-catching campaigns for their fall/winter ’12 collections. And Oscar de la Renta is one of them! The South-African model Candice Swanepoel and Katryn Kruger were photographed by Craig McDean for this Oscar de la Renta ad campaign. Lovely pink and purple hues, a wide palette of prints, floral details, oversized necklaces and bracelets, multi color stone earrings and absolutely feminine shoes (I love them!) are the main elements of a fun and girly photoshoot for a collection that follows one of this season’s main trends: the BAROQUE inspiration.

pictures via:


Weekend Notes: The Moroccan Experience

Photography by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg via From Me to You

Although I haven’t traveled all over the world, out of all the places that I have visited, Morocco has a special place in my heart. I loved everything about it, from the crowed bazaars and noisy markets to the wild deserted areas. I was lucky enough to get to visit Marrakech and also get a glimpse of Casablanca (more from the air). I do enjoy going to European countries, but on the whole, it is quite the same experience, moreover since I live in Europe. You get used to the European vibe. Morocco provided a different kind of experience and that’s what I liked about it.

I have to say that I had my doubts before going there as I was about to leave without my parents. It was and still is my first trip to Africa and I was very excited about what I would find there and how my interaction with such a different culture would be like. But I loved it! It turned out to be a great experience. From getting to know more about their lifestyle, cuisine (I virtually drank in four days more mint tea than in my entire life), culture & traditions to visiting the old fortified city (medina) and riding camels, it was all a blast.

Here are some of my Moroccan memories:

Jardin Majorelle: Unfortunately I visited the Majorelle Garden quite in a hurry due to lack of time, but the famous majorelle blue is still stuck in my head. The Majorelle Garden is one of the twentieth century’s most mysterious gardens. It is a place of rare individual expression and mystical force. The garden is an overpowering abundance of vegetal shapes and forms representing five continents and reflects Jacques Majorelle’s significance as one of the most important plant collectors of all time. Jacques Majorelle’s garden is perhaps his greatest oeuvre,a true work of art that continues to capture, mesmerize and enrapture the visiting public. Since acquiring and restoring the property, Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge have established a trust to ensure Majorelle Garden’s future existence. (information from the flyer I got from there)

Yves Saint Laurent had a key role in keeping the Majorelle Garden alive, his ashes being scattered in this beautiful garden after his death in 2008. Lots of Love posters and postcards are displayed at the museum. I really wanted to buy some postcards with such a positive and simple message, LOVE, but due to the lack of time and the numbers of girls queuing at the shop I gave up…

The bazaars are a great experience: from the multitude of spices wonderfully arranged in buckets, to the souvenirs, leather bags and carpets (lots of carpets). The key to get a good deal for anything, from a small pair of earrings to a jacket is HAGGLING. You must lower the price as much as you can since the seller always starts from a very very high price. There’s a sharp combination of smells coming from everywhere…the food, the leather, the workshops etc. It’s a lively place, very energetic. The marketplace is near the Kasbah Minaret, therefore you can hear the muezzin calling the faithful to prayer and watch them heading to the mosque.

Another impressive artistic aspect is the variety of colors and details used in the architecture and the design of the buildings. And I am mostly referring to the interior work. In Marrakech, most of the buildings are in a reddish brown color, because of the soil. It is one way to show respect for the poor ones. But the sometimes simple, unattractive facades hide opulent and impressive decorations. Thorough handmade carvings, ceramic floors, faience, paintings, sometimes all put together. Among the various details, you can see sayings in arab. I asked the guide, who was very nice, if he could translate what was written on the wall and he politely refused. I should’ve known the language…

Marrakech is like every town, built on contrasts. I got to see the cosmopolitan side of the town, but also the poor, the life of the city, but also the hard life of the villagers kilometers aways from the city.

I do want to go back and visit Casablanca properly, and Tanger as well.

All this memories came back when I saw these beautiful pictures by Jamie. You should check out all the pictures from her experience there and the stylish photoshoot that recreates the Moroccan atmosphere.

A Label of Love: Eden Diodati

Wow, I can’t remember the last time I wrote a post about a designer’s collection in particular. While browsing through the Resort 2013 collections and photoshoots, I came across the Eden Diodati spring/summer 2013 lookbook. Being irremediably in love with anything that includes simplicity and elegance, I couldn’t take my eyes off one dress in particular. So, my favourite piece of this collection is undoubtedly the white silk v-neck plunging “Omega” dress that you can see below. I love it! Of course, the print silk dresses are also eye-catching, as they’re following the latest trends. Nature and universe – sources of continual inspiration, that’s what comes to my mind when I look at these prints. The collection, as mentioned on the official website, captures “the grace, empathy and individuality of the female soul.

Let’s not forget about the accessories. It’s impossible to ignore the massive gold bracelets or necklaces. The luxury statement jewellery are mostly made of gold and pearls. I personally like that thin gold belt. Enjoy the pictures and visit their official site:

pictures belog to